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Principles of the workbook

NB. This workbook is posted online on and is meant to provide guidelines for Apart-employees to navigate our asynchronous work environment. If in doubt on specific content in the workbook, you are more than welcome to contact our Head of Operations at

The workbook functions as an up-to-date representation of how Apart Research works. It is highly recommended reading for all new members of the organization and we keep it open so others can critique and learn from it. The workbook is inspired from the Handbook of GitLab1 and aims to create the foundation for a more decentralized structure that can adapt better to the development of AI Safety.


When introduced to a work group, you are required to read the work group’s documents (/Core, /Research, /Communication) and familiarize yourself with the roles and responsibilities of each member so you can reach out to them if you need answers to specific questions.

Please refer to the table of contents for an overview of your work group's documents


If you want to critique the workbook, you are welcome to raise an issue or click the “Edit this page” button on all pages in the documentation yourself and submit a pull request. We will review the change and update the documentation if we find it a valuable contribution. If we do not accept it, we will write a reasoned response as to the reason for that decision.

Point of truth

All information in the workbook will stay up-to-date and will be the point of truth for Apart Research. We write down all updates to how we work in the workbook so we never have to decide something twice or live with missing documentation.

The workbook represents the overarching guidelines, a type of process contract with the work groups. If groups want to change how they work, they can follow the contribution process (#contribution) to update it.