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Software stack for working groups

Software stack for working groups

The following software-stack is provided as beneficial for Apart's current work. If you feel like software is missing, feel free to reach out.


Includes but aren't limited to Zapier, Google Drive, HacknPlan, Stripe & Opal, Calendly, HelloSign, Eraser, Atlas

The Core group needs basic equipment. We use Opal for banking and accounting, Atlas for incorporation and business management, Calendly for team meeting scheduling, HelloSign for legally binding digital signatures, Google Drive for contracts, presentations, and file management, Eraser (whiteboard app) for meetings, Zapier for automating processes, and HacknPlan for project management.


Includes but aren't limited to VScode, Copilot, general access to resources as needed, Overleaf, Github, Compute, API access

We supply all the software and hardware needed for researchers to answer their research questions. Each researcher’s work process is unique and we provide a monthly budget of $200 for compute and subscriptions. If usage exceeds this amount, you may be entitled to more. Please reach out to the core-group on if you feel like this is the case.

Please do not forget to save your receipts from bought software!


Includes but aren't limited to Adobe, Kapwing, Adobe XD, Eraser (whiteboard app), Zapier, Buffer,, YouTube

Communication is responsible for video, paper, blog, and mailing list production and receiving any and all software that is needed for this process.

By default, the communication team has access to Kapwing for video editing, Adobe XD for designing, Zapier and Buffer for automated publishing, Webflow for web management and blog publishing and YouTube access to our Apart-account.

On the hardware side, the communication team invests in a good camera, good lighting, and good microphones.