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Organizational setup

Organizational setup

Apart has working groups with different focuses. The working groups aren't necessarily tied to individuals, but represent the three important aims for Apart. These aims align with our strategic values.


Main goal: Ensuring a compassionate pragmatic culture in Apart.

The core group represents the administrative setup for Apart and has the responsibility for nurturing and caring for the company, its structures and its employees.

The Core group is also responsible for ensuring a compassionate pragmatic culture of the company. They emphasize open dialogue to solve low productivity and unhealthy work environments.


Main goal: Enactively distillation of knowledge in cooperation with the AIS and EA-community

The research group represent Apart scientifically and their main responsibility is the gathering and distillation of knowledge in the field of AIS. They collaborate with researchers outside the organization and their work provides content for the communication group. \ Also, the research group provides knowledge for AISI's 1progress dashboard.


Main goal: Communicating our findings to the broader public with emphasis on us being altruistic humanists

The communication group presents Apart to the broader public. Their main responsibility is sending content through Apart's communication channels in the three levels stated by the communication strategy.

Below is a diagram of the working groups and their sketched work processes.


Fig 1. Apart's working groups' processes sketched