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Communication strategy

Communication Strategy

There is a reason for starting collaboration as early as possible, namely to take advantage of the veil of ignorance that hides from our view any specific information about which individual project will get to superintelligence first.

Nick Boström, Superintelligence

Apart Research wants to facilitate and support the field of AI Safety, and we believe in collaboration before competition. As Nick Boström describes collaboration in his book, Superintelligence, a competition for the first AGI poses a far greater risk than AGI developed in cooperation.

Apart believes that a key component of enhanced collaboration starts with communication. Outwards we call it “information sharing”. Inwards we call it “inspiration”. Combined it makes ‘cooperation’.

Therefore, Apart Research’s main goal is to communicate as much information as possible in the best way. Our communication-strategy rests on 3 pillars as seen below:

  1. Consistency
  2. Audience directed
  3. Knowledge sharing is key

How do we do this?

To accomplish our goals listed above, we have for now decided on the following strategy for the listed channels:


  • Low-budget Two Minute Papers for AI safety
    • Beautiful slideshow, clipped images from AI safety papers etc., with human video
    • Humor and excitement
  • According to stylesheet of the website:
    • Light turquoise-green accent
    • Black background
    • White text, green accent
    • Use AI-generated imagery

Progress Report Style

  • Text + graphs
  • Medium blog post-y: Short paragraphs, digestible, understandable language
  • Apart Research logo

SoMe Style

  • LinkedIn: Official but excited, emojis are fine, see others
  • Twitter: Short and sweet, threads that summarize the progress report and YouTube videos

Fonts and ressources

  • Okine: Future-like bread text
  • Huben or Quinton: Wide display font
  • Usage of to automate the flow from YouTube to SoMe