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Core strategic values

Apart Research wants to facilitate and support the field of AI Safety (abbr. AIS), but we are also an organization that aims to raise awareness on AI Safety in the wider public.

Our values are inspired by the field, literature we come across, and the world. Therefore, our values are alive and continually adjusted to our overall goal: Facilitating and supporting the field of AI Safety.

In order to accomplish this, Apart Research has set down three strategic values:

In our core: \ Compassionate pragmatism: Apart focus on running an effective organization that creates healthy working practices for everyone to be productive. We are compassionate but also pragmatic, meaning that we emphasize open dialogue to solve low productivity or unhealthy work environments.

In the AIS-community: \ Enactive distillation: Apart is embedded in the AI safety community: Through dialogue and cooperation, we always strive to align with the direction of the community. We aim to be trustworthy actors, who distillate the work outcome of AIS-researchers and enactively create accumulated knowledge!

Globally: \ Altruistic humanism: Apart are altruists and work outside unhealthy incentives to bring about the best research for humanity's flourishing with AGI. This means that Apart has channels for communication outside of the AIS-community. We also emphasize the importance of working together more broadly across disciplines - we share information rather than disclose it!

Our values are always open for improvement. Please feel free to reach out to us, if you have any suggestions for further improvement.